Providing Career Coaching and Whole Person Coaching

Why work with me for Whole Person Coaching?

Why work with me?

Because I was you! I struggled to find my place both personally and professionally. It wasn't until I started participating in a Coaching group that I finally found my passion. Helping others achieve their goals and become the best they can be through providing life coach and career coach sessions.

Unique approach

I follow the Whole Person Coaching method while blending in concepts from my experience as an Agile Coach. There is something for everyone!

Are you ready for progress?

Do you want to understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow? Are you ready to identify what is holding you back and start moving forward? We'll work together to identify your target state and design a coaching plan to get you there. Let's get started!



Recommendations and Reviews

Reviews and Recommendations

I have been working with Sarah for around five months now and our work together has helped to propel my life forward in a number of different directions. Sarah has an incredibly thoughtful approach to developing a trusting environment; she is attentive and makes it safe to share while simultaneously inspiring movement in her clients through meaningful questions that help to get to the heart of an issue. Through our coaching sessions, I have felt more confident stepping into entrepreneurship - I am now running a small side business that is developing momentum! I have also received the support I needed to help me have conversations that had been weighing on my mind for months. Investing the time and money into a life coach can be scary when you don't know what you're  getting, but Sarah is worth every penny!  (RK, California)